Finding a Piano Teacher

I have been extremely fortunate in that I have never had to formally advertise myself. Right out of high school I was offered a job teaching piano in Upwey South primary school and Menzies Creek primary school. I was then offered a place at Mitcham primary school from the same connection. Meanwhile I was doing some private teaching, seeing family friends and students that old high-school teachers put through to me. When my uni commitments meant that I had to give up teaching at the schools, some students followed me, I began teaching at Music Works Magic, and through word of mouth my student base grew.

Now that I’m moving to Ocean Grove, I’m leaving many dear students behind, and am facing the challenge of starting all over again. For the first time I am going to have to advertise myself. I have created this blogsite as a means of connecting with potential students, as well as other music educators. I’m designing some flyers to drop around the area and to put in the foyers of the local schools. I have an advertisement on Gumtree, and have become a member of Music Teachers Online (view my profile here), I have a spot on Local Business Guide, I’m registered with the Victorian Music Teachers’ Association, I have a listing on True Local, Dlook, Start Local, and Active Activities. I have a linkedin profile. Am I missing anything??

I hope that these will get the word out and I can start teaching in term one. It’s quite sad saying goodbye to my lovely students and their families – I have been with a few of them for years. But I’m excited to meet new students and all the new challenges they will bring.


4 thoughts on “Finding a Piano Teacher

  1. Hi Claire, I’m teaching out in the SE suburbs. It is so sad to say goodbye to students, I had to say goodbye to quite a few to make room for a conducting/accompanying school job last year.

    Do you have business cards? They’re dirt cheap on Zazzle and it’s fun to leave them around at cafes in the area and it’s handy to be able to hand them out. More convenient than flyers. It might be worth hitting up community centres and the like with flyers too.

    Have you ever had anything to do with the DRMC in Upwey? I was up at the centre playing a choir workshop a couple of weeks ago, just curious.

    Love your blog, am now following. Come and check me out at if you like slightly outspoken musings.


    1. Hey Dan,
      One of my lovely piano parents made me some business cards a while ago and I’ve still got a case load of them. The flyers came a few days ago and they look great – I’m going to see if the local schools will put them in the foyer and do a café drop.
      I used to teach at Upwey South Primary school, but that was years ago!!

      1. Isn’t it the best when your awesome families help you out? There are some great families that will often record concerts and distribute dvds to everyone else, bring food, that sort of thing 🙂 Good luck with your recruitment!

  2. Hi Claire, you could set up a business page on Facebook, and ask your students to “like” it. Most of Ocean Grove communicates through Facebook, I can show you the main pages where people advertise too. Thanks for a great lesson today, I’m feeling motivated! Was lovely to meet you.

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