It’s almost that time!

Spring has sprung, Term 4 is off to a flying start and it’s time to order your Christmas books!

I’ve written an article about purchasing Christmas books for the following year in the post-Christmas sales, you can read it here.

For anyone who is unsure of which Christmas book to buy, here are some quick tips:
People who work in music stores are generally friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Take in your current book (Bastien primer A/AMEB Grade 2 etc) and they will find you a book at a similar standard.
If in doubt, always choose the easier book – Christmas carols are fun to just pick up and play.
Don’t forget to flip through the songs and check that your favourite ones are there.
If you have siblings/parents who play there are great Christmas duets out there.
Vocalists need to remember to choose for their vocal range and decide if they want to sing with a backing track, unaccompanied or with a piano or guitar accompaniment.

I have done my research mainly from Alfred’s website this year as they give pdf examples of each book. This is essential for me so I can assess what level of difficulty the music is and if it is appropriate for my students. Below I have suggested some Christmas books for my students. They are just suggestions so feel free to choose another book of a similar level of difficulty.

S might like:
Alfred’s Premier Piano Course: Christmas book 2A

F might like:
Alfred’s Premier Piano Course: Christmas book 1A

K might like:
Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course: Christmas Songbook 1

J might like:
Ultimate Vocal Sing-Along: Christmas (Female Voice) – comes with CD accompaniment
or Ready to Sing… Christmas – comes with an optional backing CD

A might like:
Just For Fun: Christmas Guitar

C might like:
The Christmas Soloist – I think this will be low enough for your voice – the highest note in the examples is an A.

Don’t forget that there are heaps of free resources on the internet. If you only want to do one or two Christmas carols then I’d suggest looking for your favourite ones online. Vocalists can purchase backing tracks from itunes and find the lyrics easily.
I’ve written previously about free online resources – check out some of those websites here.
Joy Morrin from Colour In My Piano has got a great list of free Christmas music that is worth checking out.


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