Note Naming Online Games

The faster you can learn to read notes the easier it is to play them! Here are a few online free resources you may want to investigate. Play one of these games for five minutes a few times a week while you are learning to read music.

Note Identification
I love this one, as it lets you hear the note when you get the answer – it is so important to associate the symbol, the name and the sound all together. The Music Theory website has a whole host of great theory games that are worth checking out.

Name That Note
This is great in that you can choose the clef and and beginner/intermediate/advanced level.

The Note Name Game from Classics For Kids
In this game you drag the letter over to the note and spell a word. I like that you can hear the note when you drag it across.

Ms. Garrett from Music Tech Teacher has a whole heap of music theory online games. Some are better than others.
Travel Through Treble Space
Treble Clef Word Warrior
Bass Clef Word Warrior

Musical Notes has the notes moving across the screen which really puts the pressure on for students who are reading music well. I’m not sure if you can change out of Treble Clef though.


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