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Christmas Gifts!

Musicians are the easiest people to buy for – you can get them anything; metronomescookie cutters, jewelry, personalised guitar picks, instrument cases and bags, socks, ties and t-shirts.
609043-2TBut the best gift of all is certainly sheet music!

Nothing is more exciting that a whole book of new music to play through. This music can be a challenge to learn, or it can be almost at sight-reading level, needing only a few plays through to learn it. The music can be something that you take to your teacher to learn or it can be kept just for ‘fun’ at home. You can work up to a performance of this music, or you can just play through it every now and then.

To make sure that the student is getting the best gift for them, talk over your gift idea with their teacher to see if the sheet music you want to buy is at an appropriate level. Or take in the current book your student is learning from to the music store. Generally the people behind the counter are friendly and knowledgeable and will be able to help you find some music that suits the taste and learning level of your student.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

00416748FC   Disney books!! Disney books for piano are generally a little difficult so be sure to check with your teacher. That being said, you can find books that are appropriate for most levels of ability.







00124307FC   Or if you just LOVE one musical in particular, get the whole book of that. In the case of Frozen, there are several different editions catering from 5-finger hand positions to advanced abilities.

If you are after just that one song, you can also find copies of that.



02501533   The 4 Chord Songbook is great for beginner guitarists!




Some other ideas: The Harry Potter Soundtrack, Taylor Swift’s latest release, Johnny Cash in TAB, the complete Beethoven Sonatas, Assorted Classical Favorites, Queen for Voice/Piano/Guitar… There’s so much amazing music available!

Don’t forget that most educational books have companion books. Bastien has a rhythm and blues book for each level and the Faber books have Performance books for each level. And you can use different method books – if your student is using the Alfred books, then buy them the Bastien Performance book. If they are using the Bastien system then purchase a Faber’s Adventure series book.

If in doubt, speak to the teacher!