Location, lesson availability and price


Location; I teach from my house in Banks, Tuggeranong.

Lessons; I can teach piano, guitar, voice, and theory to all ages and abilities. I am happy to take small bands or ensembles including choirs and early-childhood music lessons.

Availability; Please call to find a time that will suit you. Currently weekends are not available.

Price; A half-hour lesson is $35, one hour is $65. Please read my policy on missed lessons.

I offer a free half hour trial lesson for any interested students.
Call 0439 667 721 to arrange a time.

Group Lessons: I prefer to have at least 45 minutes in a group situation. This allows me time to give each student a little individual attention.
A 45 minute lesson is $50, and I would charge an extra $20 for one, an extra $15 for two extra students, and $10 for three to four extra students.
45 minute lesson for 1 – $50, for 2 – $70, for 3 – $80, for 4 – $90, for 5 – $100

Payment; EFT, cash or cheque is accepted. Lessons must be paid per term. Fees are due in the second week of term.

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