Teaching Philosophy and Work History

Teaching Philosophy; Instrumental Music

I have been teaching music ever since I left high school (that’s quite a while now). This has developed from a convenient and enjoyable part-time job into a career that I am very passionate about. I have taught students of all ages, from 4 years old to adult beginners. I teach students that are determined and focused – I push them to excel, take them through their AMEB exams and assist them with their music subjects at school. I also teach students that are less focused on practising and simply want to have a relaxed and fun approach to their instrument. I have taught several students with special needs, and in these cases always work closely with the family to find the most effective teaching strategy to make sure that the student gets the best experience possible.

I believe in teaching the ‘whole’ musician, and a sound understanding of theory underpins all my teaching. This begins from the first lesson, even for the youngest beginner. I always teach theory in the context of the pieces the student is leaning, and often include games so that theory is not a boring or stressful experience. All of my students have an appreciation of key and time and are able to read music notation. Students who wish to pursue their instrument seriously are encouraged to use a theory homework book – I always choose these carefully and ensure that they are age and ability appropriate.

I have completed my level 1 certificate in the Kodaly Method of teaching classroom music. This has heavily influenced my teaching, especially for young beginners. I utilise singing to help students learn faster, and include more intuitive practices such as mimicry and memorisation to ensure that students are learning and understanding in as many different ways as possible.

My blog articles hold many more of my ideas about teaching music. You can access the list of blog articles here. You may find it interesting to read My Personal Learning Theory.

Teaching Philosophy; Classroom Music


Work History; Classroom Music Teacher

2010; St. Christoper’s Primary School, Syndal
2010-2013; Music teacher at Middle Park Primary School

Work History; Piano Teacher

2003-present; private students
2003-2007; Menzies Creek Primary School, Upwey South Primary School, Mitcham Primary School
2011-2013; Music Works Magic

Work History; Early-Childhood group music lessons

2011-2012; Music Works Magic


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